Kira Gresoski

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It takes more time

To run a sustainable and ethical business. More effort. More responsibility with every decision you make. This probably means your hands are pretty full. Even if you know the value of an expert sales page, an interactive email campaign, or an SEO powerhouse of a website, actually writing those things may be the last thing you have time for. And when time itself is a precious resource, it helps to have someone on your team writing words that do the heavy-lifting, freeing up your hands for the next beautiful thing you’ll build.

Time is of the essence

To limit climate change catastrophe. To convert to renewable energy. To clean our oceans and preserve one of the largest food sources for the global population. To protect natural resources and ensure future generations will have a chance. You already know this, which is why you aren’t waiting for anyone else to make the change. You’re showing up right now and doing the work today for the hope of a better future.



If you need a copywriter for

  • web copy

  • email campaigns

  • sales pages

  • sales letters

  • white papers

  • custom sales funnels

  • eBooks

  • or any other writing project

I’d be thrilled to learn more about your project and offer you a custom quote. Priced packages coming soon!


My Process


Step 1: Free Consultation Call and Quote

  • If you think we might be a good fit, scroll to the bottom of the page and schedule a free consultation call through Acuity

  • We’ll chat for 30 minutes about your business, your project, and any questions you have for me

  • If we both agree to move forward, I’ll send you a custom quote and do a happy dance around my house

  • If not, no hard feelings and I wish you luck!

Step 2: Contract and Discovery Session Questionnaire

  • I’ll send over my contract so we can be crystal clear on what you’re receiving, what I’m providing, and how we’ll communicate throughout the project

  • I’ll also send over a quick Discovery Session Questionnaire, which helps me capture your brand voice, personality, and story

  • To begin working on your project, I require a deposit of 50% of the total project cost. The remainder of the cost will be invoiced when the project is complete. Once those loose ends are tied, I settle in and dig into your data

Step 3: Unearth the Data

This part of the process looks different for every project and every client. Basically, I do a lot of research so I know exactly who your audience is and how to reach them. This might look like

  • Conducting my own market research

  • Interviewing your past clients and customers to get the scoop on how you changed their lives for the better

  • Researching keywords, SEO phrases, and trends in your market

  • Collaborating with your team to get a handle on your analytics and how your current copy is performing

Step 4: Into the Writing Cave

I can’t tell you exactly what goes down in the writing cave, but just know that I’m drinking a lot of peppermint tea, aligning the words I write with research-backed strategies, and literally fist pumping the air every time I have an “Aha!” moment (okay, so I pretty much just told you exactly what happens in the writing cave).

I’ll send you an email to let you know when I get started on your project. If I have any questions along the way, I’ll be in contact.

Step 5: Release it to the Wild, Watch it Flourish

After sending the finished product to your inbox and making any necessary revisions, we release your new copy into the wild. The words go live. The leads roll in. Your audience can’t believe they’ve gone this long without you in their lives.

I find that the end of one project is often the beginning of an ongoing relationship. So I’ll check in to make sure the copy is working wonders, and if you need any adjustments made or new projects tackled, I’m happy to help.

Let’s schedule a free consultation call to get started!