Kira Gresoski

Hey, I’m Kira

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I write poems. I write essays and stories. And I write copy for ethical, sustainable businesses.


When I’m not working, I take my play very seriously.

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A bit about this Earthling


I’m a storyteller

I notice tiny details and think big picture. I pay attention to what’s being said and even more attention to what isn’t. I ask a lot of questions, listen, and engage. With you and your audience.

I’m a systems-thinker

Systems-thinking is a fancy word for analyzing how all the parts of a system interact with the whole. I think of any business I work with as an ecosystem. Where is this business getting its energy from? (Sunlight? Income? An adoring fanbase?) What is this business putting out into the world? (More plastic? No thanks. Innovative solutions to real problems? Yes please.) Any copy I write for your business will be built on this understanding of the systems you already have in place. And if I see a gap, I’ll speak up. Let’s conserve your time and energy.

i’m an empathetic marketer

My personal hero, Dr. Brene Brown, says “Empathy fuels connection.” Connection is what business is all about, so why shouldn’t marketing be about empathy? I empathize with your people, feel what they’re feeling, and figure out what they need. Then I write your copy as if it was written just for them. As our culture burns out on mass-consumerism, people are tired of feeling sold to. We’re all ready to feel cared for and like our leaders have our best interests in mind. Your audience is smart, can smell slimy sales tactics from a mile away, and most importantly, they want to do good. Stand out as a brand that respects their people, connects with what matters, and elevates marketing to new heights.