Kira Gresoski



I’m Kira Gresoski, a sustainability copywriter.

I could say a lot of noble things about sustainability. How it’s the future for all businesses and the only path forward for human kind, but in less words I can say…

Waste upsets me. Wasted energy, wasted potential, wasted time. So I won’t waste yours.

We have work to do.

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I want your sustainable business to make more money with less effort.

Because I’m all about energy-efficiency.

I want your innovative products and services to get more attention than all the trash TV shows and cat memes in the world.

Because your high-minded company is competing with a lot of mindless content. My goal is always to help you cut through the noise with a powerful, crystal clear message.

I want to free up your time from the chore of writing.

Because the words come naturally to me and the innovative, paradigm shifting ideas come naturally to you.

More than anything (and here’s where I pull out my soapbox and get a bit noble),

I want to do my small part to foster love and respect for this incredible planet, its natural resources, and all the miraculous life it can support and sustain. I believe access to clean water, healthy food, pure air, and protected land is a human right. I believe in businesses like yours, who know that we can still make a profit without pillaging our planet. 

Want to save time and make an impact with a writer who gets it?


To value gold over water is to value economy over ecology, that which can be locked up over that which connects all things.
— Rebecca Solnit